Fueled by a passion for language and digital solutions, we embarked on a journey of innovation. This passion has since transformed into a flourishing business that we diligently nurture, embracing every challenge and opportunity.

Ethiolocale is a language and digital solutions service provider based in Ethiopia. Founded in 2016, our team comprises a group of skilled translators and digital solution specialists. We’ve grown over the years and now have over 250 translators and 213 digital solution specialists. We operate as a direct provider, not a third-party agency. This direct approach allows us to work closely with our clients and ensure their specific needs are met. We understand that every project is unique. That’s why we take the time to understand our clients’ specific requirements and tailor our services accordingly. We offer a comprehensive range of translation and digital services, including graphic design, data management, and virtual assistance.

Uncover exceptional language and digital expertise right here in Ethiopia.

Our team of talented professionals is ready to tackle your projects with expertise and dedication. Share your challenges with us, and we’ll deliver high-quality solutions that exceed your expectations.


Native Translators and are situated in the regions where the language is commonly spoken, giving them a natural dialect in the language.


Delivering accurate translations, on time, every time.


24/7 Service 350/words/hour/Translator Data Entry- 75WPM


Our company can provide solutions for every language and digital need.


Our prices are the most competitive you'll find because we are direct providers.

Who is Ethiolocale Language and Digital Solutions Agency?

Ethiolocale is the number one language and digital solution plc provider in Ethiopia. We offer professional, native, affordable, and quick solutions to our customers through the best talented Ethiopian youth problem solvers. Unlike other agencies, we are a group of talented individuals who communicate directly with our customers to provide the best solution for their needs. Therefore, we are the most talented specialists in Ethiopia, and we strive to make our society a better place. We go beyond being an agency; we are a society of the most talented groups from every tribe.


Our mission at Ethiolocale Language and Digital Solutions is to provide the best language and digital solutions to our customers through the most talented Ethiopian youth problem solvers. We strive to be the number one provider of professional, native, affordable, and quick solutions in Ethiopia. Our goal is to make a positive impact on our society by empowering our talented youth and contributing to the growth and development of our country.


We aspire to become the premier choice for customers seeking language and digital solutions, empowering the youth to transform societies worldwide.


Ethiolocale adheres to the following business values to ensure customer satisfaction.

Customer Focus

Prioritizing customer needs and satisfaction, demonstrating empathy and responsiveness


Maintaining the privacy and security of customer information is paramount


Continuously seeking new and better ways to enhance language services and digital solutions


Striving for excellence in language services and digital solutions to meet and exceed customer expectations


We conduct our business with honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior.

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